2000W Sous Vide Cooker
2000W Sous Vide Cooker
2000W Sous Vide Cooker

2000W Sous Vide Cooker

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2000W Sous Vide Cooker is made of high-quality material Stainless Steel. It is easy to operate, easy to use with two simple buttons and one knob. The Sous Vide pot heats up water quickly. It provides a great dining experience. You can save a lot of time and energy in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cooking Machine is waterproof and can be easily and firmly attached to the edge of the pot with the clamp on the device. It also stops automatically when the set time is reached. It also gets the time you want, warning you with a beep and light.


LCD Digital Timer and precise temperature control let you relax while your food cooks perfectly. Cook Circulator and Sous Vide make it easier to keep the water temperature constant and enjoy a more delicious meal. Food is not overcooked or has a dry taste.


Specifications :

  • Brings the best flavor out of your meats, steak, eggs, poultry, fish, and vegetables.
  • High power 2000W heating element.
  • Reaches 140°F (60°C) in 30 minutes, 203°F (95°C) in 15 minutes.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • Attaches to any deep cooking container or pot. 
  • Soft-touch buttons, intuitive LCD screen.
  • Built-in thermostat.
  • Max and min measurement guide.
  • 32°F – 194°F (0°C - 90°C) temperature range.
  • Up to 99 hours 59 minutes timer setting.


     Using steps:

    Step 1. Seal food in a vacuum bag, and place them in a water bath.

    Step 2. Press the ON button for 3 seconds and then it will beep and the display will turn on. The display will show the current temperature.

    Step 3. Set timer to delay the start of cooking time. Or press the set button again to set the actual cook time, called “work time” on this unit (which only starts counting down once water has reached the correct temp).

    Step 4. Set the temperatures/timer using the black scroll wheel on the front.

    The last step. When the food reaches the target temperature and time, take it out, and serve it.


    Recipes advice:

    • Steak - 132°F/55.5°C, 6 hours.

    • Salmon - 110°F/43°C, 30-45 minutes.

    • Chicken - 140°F/60°C, 30 minutes.

    • Eggs - 140°F/60°C, 10 minutes. 


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