Tips on How to Make Chicken and Meat Stay Juicy When Cooked


Many people don’t know the proper way to cook a juicy meat and chicken. The most important part is not the method and it also doesn’t matter whether you pan fry, deep fry, bake, grill, poach, or steam it’s all about the preparation. If you don’t want your chicken and meat to come out tough, dry and chewy you may follow some of this tips to moist and tender chicken/meat.
Carry over cooking Did you know that chicken (and all other meats) continue to cook even after you take them away from the source of heat? The enclose temperature of a whole chicken or any other meat will continue to rise after you finish cooking. So you should easily take your chicken or the meat off the heat source while it is still a bit raw on the inside.
Don’t overcook Cooking meat or chicken too long dries out when it's cooked to too high an internal temperature. If you like your meat to be absolutely free from pink inside, it will be dry. Find out what's a good temperature for the doneness you desire, and use an instant-read thermometer to make sure when you get there. You will also find that some cuts of meat want more cooking than others.
A skirt steak wants hardly any cooking because it dries out easily. A New York strip, with good fat staining, can bear more cooking because it has that nice fat to keep things moist.
Cooking with too much or too little heat When the heat's too high, you burn the outside before the middle can get to the temperature you want. If it's too low, you never really get a good sear on the outside, and miss out on much of the grilled food experience. And you'll need to learn to adjust your heat to the needs of what you're cooking. Room temperature chicken or any other meat Let your chicken or meat come to room temperature before you cook it. If you put cold chicken on the pan, the heat dries out the meat on the outside before the inside is done.
Room temperature meat cooks more evenly and fewer juices leak out or evaporate during cooking. Let your chicken sit out on the counter for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. Try marinating at room temperature; it absorbs quicker. While you might marinade something for 3 hours in the fridge, it only takes about 45 minutes at room temperature.
Higher fat content Higher fat equals more flavor and more tender meat. When you cook, the fat melts and moistens the cut of chicken or meat. That’s the reason why the chicken thigh meat to breast meat is more favored. However, if you follow the other steps, you can get juicy and tender chicken breasts or any other meat as well.
Let it rest after cooking A lot of juices puff during cooking. If you cut your chicken right after you take it out of the pan, those juices will leak right out. However, if you let it stay for 5 minutes then those juices will have a chance to reabsorb into the meat and stay there while you cut it. This step is also where the carry over cooking happens.

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